Corona: CDU calls for rule changes for Hamburg

The Hamburg CDU is calling for the mask requirement to be lifted in Hamburg schools. As the school authority announced, this should remain in place for the time being after the autumn break. Other federal states have already abolished them in whole or in part. If the corona infection numbers are still at a comparatively low level two weeks after the end of the autumn vacation, the mask requirement in class should fall on November 1st, according to an application by the parliamentary group for citizens. Hamburg CDU: Abolition of the mask requirement in schools

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Children and young people in particular were “those who suffered” in the pandemic, said CDU education expert Birgit Stöver on Thursday. That is why it is important to give them back a “piece of normality” now.

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The lifting of the mask requirement on the school desk is a further step in this direction, which many other federal states such as Bavaria, Saarland or Berlin have already taken. “Schleswig-Holstein has announced this measure for the end of October,” said Stöver.

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Vaccination offer for all vulnerable groups

She pointed out that the vulnerable groups have meanwhile been vaccinated: “Every citizen over the age of twelve has received a vaccination offer.” In addition, the authorities estimate that the vaccination rate among school employees is high at 85 to 90 percent. “We now also know that children are very little at risk if there are no serious comorbidities.”

SPD school expert Nils Springborn called the CDU’s application “window dressing”, as it should not take effect until November 1st. “Nobody knows how the situation will develop after the autumn break,” said Springborn. Unlike the CDU, the state of Berlin only abolished the mask requirement in elementary schools. “This differentiation is a path that we also consider conceivable for Hamburg, if the situation allows it,” said Springborn. With falling numbers of infections and a high vaccination rate, one is confident that easing will be possible in the coming weeks.

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Hamburg school authorities do not want to lift the mask requirement

“The mask requirement is currently only lifted in Hamburg where everyone has been vaccinated,” said a spokeswoman for the school authorities at the request of the MOPO on Tuesday. Currently, the time for a lifting of the mask requirement is bad. “We are still waiting for the development after the autumn break.”

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Experience has shown that there are many holidaymakers returning from abroad, so that there could then be particular risks. The autumn holidays in Hamburg last until October 18th. In the first few days after school starts, special regulations apply to tests and staying on the school premises. (abu / dpa).