Column: No anti-vaccination demo in Hamburg – the most welcome ban

Column: No anti-vaccination demo in Hamburg – the most welcome ban

The anti-vaccination demonstration planned for Saturday in Hamburg was banned. The radicalization of the movement is unlikely to slow this down, writes Marco Carini in his MOPO column.

No comment from red-green. After the police banned the anti-vaccination demo planned for Saturday on Thursday, the domestic policy spokesmen of the two government factions missed the opportunity to place their names in the media. They quickly disappeared. The CDU, on the other hand, commented on the ban as if they had no opinion in the political assortment: the decision had to be “scrutinized”. Well then.

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As expected, only the AfD stormed against the decision. “People are radicalized by such measures,” rumbled AfD parliamentary group leader Dirk Nockemann. It was hard to tell whether the politician was warning about this or whether he was happy about it.

The ban comes at the right time for demo applicants

Because the ban seems to come at the right time for those who registered for the demo: They see it as another example of how the state is using the pandemic to silence the people.

They could only win with the objection that they lodged against the injunction via an urgent application: If the court had overturned the ban on demos, that would have been proof that the state was disregarding the law. However, since it confirmed the police opinion, it is proven that the judiciary has long since left the grounds of the Basic Law. Both decisions fit perfectly into the current conspiracy theory.

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Participants refused to wear the mask during “corona walks”.

They came to the conclusion that a meeting with probably 15,000 participants, given an incidence that threatens to gallop over the 1000 hurdle, is only justifiable if everyone involved wears masks. But they would have refused on the past “Corona walks”, a police spokesman explained the background to the decision. He did not mention that the approval authority had not imposed any masking requirement on the demonstrators until mid-December, which they could have violated.

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The Left Party, which is involved in the organization of the – approved – counter-demo, jumped in at the criticism of the AfD.It is: How can politicians prevent vaccine skeptics from the bourgeois spectrum from becoming increasingly radicalized, even to the point of using violence?

The tone is getting rougher, the movement is becoming more radical

Because even if right-wing extremists march with the Hamburg demos, Jewish stars with an “unvaccinated” imprint and banners that describe a “corona dictatorship” remain unacceptable side effects of the Hamburg anti-vaccination demos, most political observers agree agree: Unlike in Saxony or Thuringia, the bourgeois milieu, which even extends to left-wing alternative circles, takes to the streets here. Neither the AfD nor the NPD and other right-wing extremists have yet managed to put their stamp on the marches. But the tone is getting rougher, the movement is radicalizing itself and, above all, in no way distinguishes itself from the ultra-right, who are marching with it.

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The author Andreas Speit, author of the book “Verqueres Denken”, sees growing similarities in content between the bourgeois demonstrators and those from the right-wing camp. Both would not believe a word the state said and questioned the democratic conditions across the board. The insistence on their own individual freedom rights, where the individual has to step back in order to guarantee the protection of everyone in solidarity, is something that the various milieus demonstrating with each other have in common.

Compulsory vaccination will promote radicalization

Whether the radicalization will be stopped or accelerated by bans on demonstrations is an open question. A compulsory vaccination – even if it should be necessary – but will promote radicalization. Just like the bogus numbers that the social services agency tried to show that the incidence among the unvaccinated was thirty times that of the vaccinated, which turned out to be utter nonsense.

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The division in society hardly seems to be cemented. The unvaccinated feel scapegoated, the boosted feel threatened if they cannot avoid vaccination opponents in public space. Again and again one can experience how vaccination advocates develop a certain glee when a prominent corona denier falls victim to the virus, and vaccination opponents feel satisfaction when someone who is boosted , infected.

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A moral compass based on humanistic values ​​such as the right to life and health for all people seems lost on both sides.

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