Chaos over Easter rest: This is how it will continue in Hamburg – that’s what politicians and experts say

Chaos over Easter rest: This is how it will continue in Hamburg – that’s what politicians and experts say

“This decision was a mistake that we all made together,” said Peter Tschentscher (SPD) on Wednesday in the town hall. Hamburg’s mayor stood behind Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Shortly before, she had stopped plans for additional days of rest before Easter – they should have acted as a brake on the pandemic.

“That was a new idea during the meeting,” said Tschentscher. Before the summit there were no plans in this direction. All of them did not foresee the “legal implementation hurdles”. An “Easter rest” was planned with two additional days of rest on the Thursday and Saturday before Easter.

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Stop the Easter rest: Hamburg handicrafts made easier

Chancellor Merkel stopped this decision on Wednesday. She described the Easter rest as a mistake and took sole responsibility. In the run-up, there had been massive criticism, including from the economy.

“The Hamburg handicrafts accept the decision to be allowed to work on Thursday and Holy Saturday with great relief,” said the Hamburg Chamber of Handicrafts President Hjalmar Stemmann.

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Easter should be the Corona brake

The five-day lockdown over Easter was originally intended to help break the third corona wave. Immediately after the summit, Tschentscher said that he expected the tightened lockdown over Easter to have a “really strong braking effect”.

Hamburg’s CDU regional chief welcomes the decision

Hamburg’s CDU regional chief Christoph Ploß has welcomed the withdrawal of the Easter rest resolution. “It is absolutely right that these nonsensical rules should be withdrawn. I’m glad that the pressure worked, ”said Ploß.

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In his opinion, the rules did not help in the fight against the virus in any way, they only caused confusion. “Such ideas are alien to life and ignore the reality of life,” said Ploß. Such back and forth should not be repeated. “The reputation of politics suffers as a result.”

This is what the UKE expert says about the Easter rest

Tschentscher said in his statement that there was a lot of approval for the Easter rest among the intensive care physicians with a view to the infection process. “From the point of view of the intensive care physician, a reduction in the number of contacts over the coming weeks is crucial given the exponential growth,” said Stefan Kluge, head of the Clinic for Intensive Care Medicine at the University Clinic Eppendorf (UKE) about the MOPO.

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The British variant is much more contagious and leads to more severe disease courses.It is now important to continue to adhere to the measures. Together with tests and vaccinations, successes in combating pandemics could be achieved in the medium term.

This is how it continues in Hamburg

Despite the Easter rest period, Hamburg is currently not planning any additional measures such as curfews. In view of the dynamics of the infection, the appeal “to spend this phase of the Easter weekend as calmly as possible,” said Tschentscher. The third wave of the corona virus must be scaled down. “We have just decided in the Senate that all other regulations remain in force.”

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