CDU parliamentary group in Hamburg calls for an offensive against wild pinkers

CDU parliamentary group in Hamburg calls for an offensive against wild pinkers

The CDU parliamentary group calls for more public toilets in the city so that wild peeing can stop in the parks and in some parts of the city. The Senate, however, has a different opinion.

According to the CDU parliamentary group, there are too few public toilets in Hamburg’s green spaces and parks. After a small request from the CDU MPs André Trepoll and Sandrokap, the Senate announced that the city cleaning company operates 41 facilities. “Hamburg has a dense and reliable network of public, clean and hygienic toilets,” said the Senate.

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Most of the facilities are also open during the corona pandemic. The rented kiosk toilet facilities, which were temporarily unusable due to the closure of the gastronomy, are an exception.

CDU: “It stinks a lot of hamburgers”

“It stinks many hamburgers, and therefore there is no reason at all for self-praise from the Senate,” said the CDU parliamentary group spokesman for the constitution and districts. Hamburg needs significantly more quiet places.

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In addition, Trepoll criticized the fact that 40 toilet facilities can hardly be described as a dense offer for a metropolis like Hamburg. He cited wild peeing as an example in hotspots such as the Schanzenviertel or St. Pauli as well as in public places such as parks and green spaces.

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According to the city cleaning service, many of the 41 listed facilities are not open around the clock. One of the 41 toilets is particularly difficult to reach: It is located on the island of Neuwerk in the Wadden Sea.

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Hamburg has 133 public toilets

The Hamburg city cleaning company says it operates 133 toilets across the city. These include facilities in the St. Pauli neighborhood, a gender-neutral toilet in the Schanzenviertel and also a leased facility at the “Strandperle” on the Elbe, said a spokesman. Together with the toilets at train stations and other public providers, there are around 200 in total.

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Peeing in public is an administrative offense. According to earlier information from the Senate, a warning costs 35 euros. The fine is 100 euros. (mp / dpa / lno).


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