Brazen cheating maneuver: Hamburg’s SPD politician causes a scandal in the candidate election

Brazen cheating maneuver: Hamburg’s SPD politician causes a scandal in the candidate election

Again trouble with the SPD in Mitte: The 29-year-old Yannick Regh had applied in the district association for the candidacy for the federal election. He attempted to deceive the list of delegates. what happened there? MOPO spoke to district chief Hansjörg Schmidt.

He had “tried to use inappropriate means” to “gain an advantage in the electoral process,” admits Regh after the attempted deception became known on his Facebook page. He ended his political work with immediate effect and resigned from all offices. “I apologize for that,” said Regh.

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SPD-Mitte: This is how he attempted deception came to light

Regh probably approached four other party members in the run-up to the online election in order to get their registration data. He is said to have intended to reconcile with the dates for himself. Kreischef Schmidt said to the MOPO: “I was informed about this and then immediately stopped it. There are no discussions about it either, this is not possible. “

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Election in Hamburg-Mitte: Who is Yannick Regh?

The 29-year-old Regh was one of the young hopes of the SPD in Mitte. The tax advisor got involved in the party very early and intensively. At the age of only 22 he made it into the district assembly as the top candidate of the SPD in the constituency of Hamm. “I also can’t explain how it came about,” says Schmidt. “In the end, you are not in the people.” Regh immediately drawn the consequences of his own accord.

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Unrest in the middle: The fight for the Bundestag continues

Now only three candidates are fighting for a place in the Bundestag: the head of the district office center Falko Drossmann, the ex-Greens Meryem Celikkol and Mahmut Cinar. Droßmann is traded as a favorite, but Regh also had some supporters.

Since the resignation of the former district chief and member of the Bundestag Johannes Kahrs, there has been a crisis mood in Mitte. There is also talk of camp formation. Most recently, a party by Interior Senator Andy Grote (SPD) caused a stir.

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During the Corona period, he celebrated his reappointment with 30 party comrades and friends in a club. Inside the party it is rumored that someone from the middle should have given a tip to the press.

Who will take over Regh’s SPD offices?

“The resignation from all offices is consistent and necessary. We will now calmly take a look at who will succeed him as vice parliamentary group leader and chairman of the youth welfare committee, ”said SPD parliamentary group leader Tobais Piekatz of MOPO.

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Another question that arises: How secure is the online voting process? “The software that the SPD uses is the industry standard,” says Schmidt.“It was originally used to elect works councils. Other parties like the Greens and the CDU have already used them. “

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After a video conference, the participants log in with their data and cast their votes. The online result must then be confirmed by postal vote. “Even if you found out later, you could still stop the postal vote. We have secured the procedure, ”said Schmidt. Who will win the race in Mitte is expected to be known at the end of April ..