Because of Corona: Hamburg’s students have these learning gaps

The Hamburg school authority has presented a new study that for the first time scientifically shows the corona-related learning deficits of the students. The result: The lockdown has left its mark on students from educationally disadvantaged families in particular.

According to information from the school authorities, over 85 percent of Hamburg’s third graders took part in the current “Kermit 3” study. That corresponds to more than 15,000 Hamburg children.

They all received the same test in reading, listening, spelling, and maths from their teachers. The Institute for Educational Monitoring and Quality Development (IfBQ) was responsible for evaluating the tests.

Hamburg: School children have the greatest learning gaps here

According to the study, there were large gaps, particularly in the areas of reading and math. The group of students with learning difficulties in reading has increased by around 11 percent. At schools in difficult social situations, the group even grew by almost 14 percent. In the area of ​​math, the proportion rose by almost 9 percent. Here, too, schools in socially disadvantaged districts are more affected by around 11 percent.

There was an improvement in one area

In other areas there were not quite as big differences. The proportion of schoolchildren with spelling problems has even fallen by around six to 16 percent, depending on the group of students. School Senator Ties Rabe (SPD) sees this as the first success of the Hamburg “spelling offensive”.

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He also sees himself confirmed in another point: “Distance learning was and is not a substitute for lessons in school, and the school closings have led to significant learning deficits, especially for children from socially disadvantaged districts,” says Rabe. The second lockdown in early 2021 in particular left its mark on the children’s development.

Hamburg receives 52 million euros for learning funding

In order to catch up on learning delays, the federal states have agreed on a learning support program on Hamburg’s initiative.According to the school authorities, not all examinations could be carried out as usual due to the pandemic. In the course of this year, however, the reviews should take place again as planned.


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