“Ballermann well-mannered”: Corona excesses in the ski jump: Now there are consequences

“Ballermann well-mannered”: Corona excesses in the ski jump: Now there are consequences

Hamburg’s second mayor Katharina Fegebank has sharply condemned the violation of the corona rules by thousands of people celebrating in the Schanzenviertel. “What happened on the weekend in the hill was totally wrong,” said the Green politician on Sunday – and threatened with consequences.

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You can understand that “everyone wanted out now, meet people, enjoy the spring”. “But that was a ruthless mass party with potential for a possible Corona superspreading event.”

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According to the police, up to 4,500 people had celebrated the night before in the Schanzenviertel, often without distance and without masks. When the emergency services cracked down, bottles were thrown out of the crowd.

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Corona violations: Fegebank threatens with consequences

Fegebank threatened consequences. “We will have to discuss measures in the Senate if the situation does not ease through insight.” The virus is not out of the world, “and Ballermann is currently more civilized than on the shoulder blade,” she said.

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This is not only a problem for containing the pandemic, “but also for the people who live in the Schanze”. (dpa / mp).