Attention property owners: you will soon have a particularly ecological heating system

Attention property owners: you will soon have a particularly ecological heating system

Hamburg’s red-green government plans to take around five million euros to promote heat pumps. For Hamburg property owners, the switch from fossil to renewable energy sources should be more attractive. However, there are a few requirements for funding.

“The targeted promotion of heat pumps is an important step towards a climate-neutral heat supply in Hamburg,” says Johannes Müller, energy policy spokesman for the green parliamentary group. “Especially in districts that are not connected to a heating network, heat pumps offer the possibility of providing locally emission-free heat at low cost.”

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Hamburg: Five million for heat pump expansion

With an application in the citizenry, the SPD and the Greens want to advance the expansion of the “Renewable Heat” funding program. In the budget years 2021 and 2022, 2.5 million euros are to be made available for this. The funds are to be used to increasingly promote heat pumps in order to increase the share of renewable energies in the heating sector

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Promotion of heat pumps: these are the prerequisites

If possible, an electrically operated heat pump should be promoted if an electrical or thermal buffer storage tank can be used. This stores currently unused heat and makes it available as required. The heat pump should always work at the optimal output level – even on a cold winter day. In addition, there must be an interface for an intelligent control system (for example a smart meter gateway) that monitors the storage and release of heat.

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For existing buildings, a bonus is also to be granted for the installation of low-temperature radiators in order to achieve the necessary lowering of the heating flow temperatures.

More heat pumps for Hamburg

“The new heating system pays off in three ways: for the air conditioning, for the craftsman who carries out the conversion, and for your own wallet. This makes our application one of the various building blocks for a socially acceptable climate policy, ”says Alexander Mohrenberg, climate spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group.

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Heat pumps have a particularly large environmental potential if they are operated with renewable electricity from (waste) water, geothermal energy or air, according to the citizenship application from the SPD and the Greens. Under favorable conditions, heat pumps can supply 100 percent of the heat required from renewable energies. With an increasing share of solar and wind power in the grid, this will become more and more the case.