Anger about the Corona rule: That’s why students have to wear masks – and adults don’t

Pupils should now wear masks when doing sports in gyms. This new measure announced by the school authorities caused digital head shaking on Twitter – after all, this does not apply to adults in fitness centers. And many are wondering how this is supposed to work at all…

The number of infections is increasing and Hamburg’s schools are said to be safer despite face-to-face teaching – the school authorities justified tightened security measures in the schools, which are to apply from next Monday. In addition to expanding the obligation to test, one thing is particularly important: the obligation to wear masks for all students during indoor physical education classes. Mask requirement in sports in Hamburg: rules for children and adults are different

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This announcement caused harsh criticism on Twitter: Many users wonder how sport is supposed to work under these conditions and find the regulation disproportionate or unfair in view of the mostly mild course of Covid in children, because different rules apply to sport for adults. In fact, adults can also indulge in their leisure sport indoors, at least in fixed places without a mask. But if you change the device in the fitness center, for example, the mask has to be put on again.

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The difference, the authority argues, is the 2G-Plus regulation: 2G-Plus has been in force in clubs, fitness centers and swimming pools since January 10th. Only those who have been vaccinated twice or who have recovered and who can also prove a daily negative test result or who have been boosted can take part. In return, courses and fitness centers under 2G-Plus can theoretically be fully occupied again.

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In recreational sports, children and young people up to the age of 16 are exempt from this additional test obligation because of the tests that are already taking place regularly at school – and the mask exemption on the square also applies to them here. However, those who have not yet been double-vaccinated or have recovered do not have access. Hamburg authorities: 2G-Plus not possible in school sports

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However, 2G-Plus would not work for school sports, according to the authorities, “because many students are not vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated at all.” In addition, the students could not do physical education because of the compulsory school and attendance requirements withdraw from recreational sports.Indoors, with a mask, exercises and tasks that “put a greater strain on the cardiovascular system” should be avoided, according to the official statement. “We are certain that Hamburg’s physical education teachers will implement the framework conditions sensibly and appropriately, as was the case in the past,” said Albrecht when asked by MOPO which exercises are then still possible in physical education classes. As part of the last Corona wave, the obligation to wear a mask in physical education classes had already worked well for a number of offers – it was definitely better than skipping it altogether.

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