Andy Grote as a role model? Senate comments on “Pimmelgate”

Andy Grote as a role model? Senate comments on “Pimmelgate”

Andy Grote’s “Pimmelgate” even made headlines in the USA. The fact that the apartment of the alleged author of the tweet directed to Grote “You are so 1 dick” was searched by the police caused international astonishment. The criticism is not justified, the Hamburg Senate now defended the procedure – on the contrary.

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Senate spokesman Marcel Schweitzer said that “the subject of hate speech” was discussed “very intensively” at the meeting on Tuesday. Nobody has to accept being insulted in public. “You don’t fight hate speech by looking the other way. And that is why the Senate encourages all citizens who feel offended, especially on social networks, to file a complaint. And the members of the Senate will continue to do so. “

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“Pimmelgate”: Red-Green defends search

Grote had filed a complaint because he had been referred to as “1 Pimmel” on Twitter. As a result, the public prosecutor ordered a house search last Wednesday in connection with an investigation against the alleged author. Under the hashtag “Pimmelgate” the search on the net was criticized as disproportionate.

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“The word sounds cute, but the subject is indeed a very serious one,” said Schweitzer. For years they have fought to ensure that hate messages are pursued more consistently on the Internet. It was not until April that a new law succeeded in giving the police and public prosecutors more options.

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“That is a good thing. You have to use it. ”It could not be that people“ after this discussion last week no longer dare to file a complaint because they fear that they will be exposed to a shit storm, ”said Schweitzer. (dpa / fbo).