Air filters for Hamburg’s schools: These classes come first

Fresh air against corona viruses: School Senator Ties Rabe (SPD) received the first mobile air filter devices for Hamburg’s classes on Tuesday. The Richardstrasse elementary school in Eilbek receives the first models.

Hamburg’s school senator was happy about the start of deliveries. This week alone, at least 83 primary schools across Hamburg are to receive mobile air filters. “A total of around 18,000 devices should be delivered by the autumn holidays, the other devices should follow by the end of October,” said Rabe.

21 million euros: air filters for Hamburg’s schools

The school authority has ordered a total of 21,000 mobile air filter devices worth over 21 million euros from various manufacturers. First it is the turn of the primary schools, then the secondary schools and finally the vocational schools. According to the school authorities, this order takes into account the fact that older pupils can already be vaccinated, while there are still no vaccines for primary school pupils.

This is how the mobile air filters work

The mobile air filters work in a similar way to a vacuum cleaner. They suck in the air in the room and use a very fine filter to remove particles such as the coronaviruses. With a maximum of 45 decibels, the devices ordered for Hamburg should not be able to disturb the class with noise.

Debate about air filters for classrooms

In the summer there had been a big debate about the purpose of air filters in classrooms. Hamburg initially did not want any mobile devices to be set up in the classes because the Federal Environment Agency had not issued a general recommendation at the time. After the office and the government agreed to list the devices, Hamburg decided to purchase them.


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