After Zoff in the judicial authority: Senator Gallina occupies an important position

After Zoff in the judicial authority: Senator Gallina occupies an important position

Around three weeks ago, Senator of Justice Anna Gallina (Greens) caused a stir in Hamburg politics with the dismissal of State Councilor Katja Günther (Greens). Gallina has now filled an open top position within the authority.

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As of December 1st, the previous deputy, Susanne Friederichs, will take over the management of the Office for Consumer Protection. A spokesman for the authority confirmed this to the “Abendblatt”. Apparently the filling of this position had finally led to the big quarrel between Anna Gallina and Katja Günther.

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Susanne Friederichs heads the Office for Consumer Protection

“Mutual trust is the basis for responsible cooperation in a government agency. This trust has been irreparably destroyed, “the Senator of Justice justified the decision of the State Councilor at MOPO’s request. Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) released Günther a few days later, as requested by Gallina, into early retirement.

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An important position within the judicial authority has now been filled again, but two more remain vacant. There is still no successor for Franziska Hoppemann. The 38-year-old left the post of head of the Central Office to sit for the CDU in the German Bundestag. You might also be interested in: After Zoff in Hamburg’s judicial authority: Greens disempower their own senator

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There is also no replacement in sight for Katja Günther. Until further notice, Alexander von Vogel (Greens) supports Anna Gallina as State Councilor for the districts and the judicial authority.