After the vaccination summit: puzzles about extra vaccine for Hamburg

After the vaccination summit: puzzles about extra vaccine for Hamburg

Before the vaccination summit, the mood was tense. Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) had said that the city had not received enough vaccine so far. It is now clear: Hamburg and some other federal states are receiving compensatory deliveries. Nevertheless, not everyone who would like to have an appointment can still register for the vaccination.

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“The vaccine distribution in Germany is unfair,” Tschentscher had told the news magazine “Spiegel” before the vaccination summit. So far, Hamburg has received too few 40,000 vaccine doses. “The disadvantage increases every week. There must now be a compensation quickly. “

Tschentscher made pressure before the vaccination summit

If there is no compensation from the Federal Ministry of Health, the first vaccinations could no longer be given at the Hamburg vaccination center in June, warned Tschentscher. Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) also said that his country was receiving less vaccine than other countries.

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As a general rule, each state should receive vaccine based on its population size. Hamburg, with its 1.9 million inhabitants, is entitled to around 2.2 percent of the total vaccine available in Germany.

How much extra vaccine does Hamburg get?

After the vaccination summit, Hamburg’s mayor said in a statement: “It’s going well.” But the vaccine was “still scarce”. If the prioritization falls at the beginning of June, it will continue to be difficult to get new first dates for a vaccination. There are now compensatory deliveries of vaccine for Hamburg. You might also be interested in: Those who have recovered form antibodies for a long time – but only a certain group

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In total, the Hanseatic city is to receive around 23,000 doses of vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer in the last week of June. This emerged from a paper from the Federal Ministry of Health to the federal states on Wednesday. About half the amount of vaccination doses that Tschentscher had asked for. According to dpa information, it is even about 50,000 vaccine doses. The mayor did not give exact quantities on Thursday.

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Hamburg: Electronic vaccination certificate is coming

The federal government has also promised that it will soon specify the deliveries for the period from July, Tschentscher said. In addition, an electronic vaccination certificate in the form of a barcode is to be issued for fully vaccinated persons by the end of June. Tschentscher emphasized that with the vaccination one “got closer to the outcome of the pandemic.” But it was important to be “still vigilant”.

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