After the chaos around the Bio-Abitur: This is how the breakdown in Hamburg really went

After the chaos around the Bio-Abitur: This is how the breakdown in Hamburg really went

After the chaos surrounding the Hamburg organic high school diploma, more details are coming to light. During the exam at the beginning of May, the school authorities reported that some of the tasks were incorrect. The error was apparently only noticed after receiving information from the schools, as a request from the FDP to the Senate now shows.

During the Abitur exams, the schools were in contact with an employee of the school authority via a hotline, among other things. A total of 72 information about the tasks were given to the hotline. After the first hint, the employee (s) checked the tasks. At the same time, this one person operated the hotline and “developed correction notes” for the tasks.

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Chaos around Hamburg’s bio-Abi: not all schools informed

After coordination with the authorities, the mail was sent to the schools at 11.20 a.m. – at this point the exam had already been running for several hours. According to the Senate, there were “presumably communication problems” with four schools and one upper school house, so that the information did not reach at least one of the schools.

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The task and material sheets were exchanged, but the errors remained. The sheets were only correct after a new attempt. The school board has now set up a task force to clarify how the error in the exams came about.

FDP: Senator Rabe should “detain”

“Obviously, Senator Rabe’s authority has not yet had a control mechanism that ensures that tasks are passed on to the schools without any errors,” says FDP member of parliament Anna von Treuenfels-Frowein.

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The fact that a task force has now been introduced cannot replace such a control. “Senator Rabe should be detained and reworked, just like with the availability of the schools on an Abitur day: How can it be that four schools and an upper school house do not respond to e-mails during such an important morning exam?”

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This is how the school board explained the mistake

The school authority later announced that the mistake in the bio-Abi was caused by the conversion from the word processing program “MS Word” into PDF format. A total of 2,990 of the around 9,900 high school graduates in Hamburg were affected. Depending on the area of ​​responsibility, 10 to 26 percent of the Abitur exams were wrong.

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The left is also outraged by the Abi failure, the faction had made a similar request shortly before the FDP. “If I were to ruin almost three thousand young people so negligently on the exam day, I would be ashamed, apologize and show humility,” said Sabine Boeddinghaus, education policy spokeswoman for the left-wing parliamentary group.The inquiry shows: around 93 percent would have decided on an assessment, around seven percent want to follow up ..