After 70 years: off for Hamburg’s “Kinderparadies campaign”

After 70 years: off for Hamburg’s “Kinderparadies campaign”

Thanks to the “Kinderparadies Campaign”, children were able to romp around outside without mum and dad for almost seven decades. Voluntary helpers took care of them. But it will soon be over: the social welfare authority will stop funding at the end of the month because there is no longer any need. The position of the social authority is clear: an offer like the “Aktion Kinderparadies” is simply no longer necessary in Hamburg. “We live in a city in which there are childcare offers free of charge or with reasonable additional payment,” the NDR quoted the spokesman for the authorities Martin Helfrich.

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Hamburg: Social authority sees little need for supervised playgrounds

18 playgrounds are part of the project, and funding will expire at the end of March. The city recently transferred 56,450 euros to the “Aktion Kinderparadies” initiative, according to a senate response to a small inquiry from the CDU. Since 2004, the number of children cared for has decreased from 119,000 to 20,000 a year. A “needs-based” further development of the offer is not to be expected – the end of the “Kinderparadies campaign”?

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According to its own information, the association needs around 52,000 euros annually to ensure its continued existence. In February, the left-wing parliamentary group campaigned for the “Children’s Paradise Campaign”. “In the corona pandemic in particular, children suffer from limited opportunities to play, meet other children and develop personally,” says the application.

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Senate votes against district assembly Hamburg-Nord

The work of the volunteer supervisors is “multiple awards, including from the Federal Ministry of Family”. The offer is a great relief for parents in particular – even before the pandemic, but especially in these times. But all advertising was in vain. The majority of the SPD, Greens and CDU rejected the motion of the left in the citizenry. In the Hamburg-Nord district assembly, Red-Green had previously spoken out in favor of the application.

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Linde Kohl-Jürgens cannot understand that. “We believe that the social welfare authorities have not fully understood what we are doing. And what function we have in the district, in the family environment, ”complained the chairwoman of“ Aktion Kinderparadies ”in the NDR. It’s not yet time to give up anyway: around 2,300 supporters signed an online petition from the association and asked the social welfare authorities to act.

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