After 20 years of the SPD: She is the green election surprise in Altona

After 20 years of the SPD: She is the green election surprise in Altona

Surprise in Altona: Green Linda Heitmann (39) got the direct ticket to Berlin in the federal election. The former constituency of Olaf Scholz had previously been SPD territory for twenty years. Who is the new mandate holder? The MOPO introduces them.

The Altona direct mandate for Heitmann is one of the great green sensations of the Hamburg election evening. The 39-year-old has only been a member of the citizenry once and has been particularly involved within the party. Many voters: their name may not have been known at the beginning of the election campaign. Then the result: Heitmann can get 29.6 percent of the first votes.

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Green Heitmann: “Couldn’t believe it”

“When the counting trend solidified in Altona yesterday, I couldn’t believe it at first. I only realized it slowly last night, ”Heitmann told MOPO on Monday. The Greens narrowly snatched the mandate from the experienced SPD defending champion Matthias Bartke – he only received 28.6 percent of the vote.

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The SPD had this constituency safe for a total of twenty years, and Bartke had been represented in the Bundestag since 2013. In Eimsbüttel, too, green prevailed against red. The former Hamburg Justice Senator Till Steffen (Greens) won the mandate from Niels Annen (SPD).

Topics, jobs and private matters: This is Linda Heitmann

Heitmann’s main topic is health and drug policy, which is why she wants to campaign for citizens’ insurance at the federal level. The 39-year-old has been managing director of the Hamburg State Office for Addiction Issues for five years, and she is now giving up this job for a career in politics. She lives with her husband and a daughter in the Sülldorf district and wants to continue to have her main residence there. In her free time, she is an avid long-distance runner and enjoys reading crime novels. Strong perseverance could also be useful in the Bundestag.

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Green upward trend in Altona

What does Heitmann think why the voters chose her? “I have the feeling that there is already a mood of change in Altona that we would have wished for in the Bund. The topic of climate protection is also very important to the people, ”said Heitmann. But then she was surprised that Altona voted against the national trend.

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The green upswing in Altona was already clearly noticeable in the 2020 general election. The party achieved 34.7 percent at the time, the SPD had to be content with 27.4 percent and second place. Linda Heitmann had a premiere with a green tailwind, now she has to prove herself in Berlin.

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