A tree for a baby: “Birth Forest” is supposed to make Hamburg greener and parents happier

A tree for a baby: “Birth Forest” is supposed to make Hamburg greener and parents happier

In many cultures, parents plant a tree when their child is born. The birth tree should grow like the child and remind it of its roots. In a densely built-up city like Hamburg, not every family has space for it. The Greens and the SPD therefore want to set up a “birth forest” in the Wandsbek district.

The project was initiated by Julia Chiandone. She is the leader of the Greens parliamentary group and spokeswoman for social affairs in the Wandbsek district. Your relation to the topic is very personal.

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Hamburg: plant a tree for birth

A college friend had lived in Nigeria and had to come to Hamburg because of the difficult circumstances there. “She had just had her second child, a daughter, and wanted to plant a tree for her birth,” Chiandone told MOPO. “I said she could plant a cherry tree in our garden.”

Birth forest for Hamburg: With the roots in the home

The little daughter of her college friend is now 16 years old and the family no longer lives in Hamburg – but the tree is still there. “It blooms every year and I always send her photos,” said Chiandone. “I think this tradition is very nice, but there are many people in the city who simply have no room for a tree.”

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So the Green came up with the idea of ​​the birth forest. There are similar traditions in the north. In Friedrichskoog on the North Sea, bridal couples can, for example, sponsor a tree in the “Hochzeitallee”.

This is how parents from Hamburg should get a tree

The suggestion for Hamburg: If parents register the birth of their child with the city, they could refer to the possibility of a birth tree. The parents, godparents, neighbors or friends then buy a tree for the child and the city takes care of the planting and care. The child’s name would be entered on a plaque or something similar.

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“A native forest in Wandsbek would be a project for the future, it will stand the test of time,” said Chiandone. “Even if the children for whom this was planted are no longer there, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren can visit the trees and the tree reminds them of their roots in Hamburg.”

Birth forest for Wandsbek: what to do with the trees?

But where could these trees be in Wandsbek? “That’s the biggest difficulty because we have so little space in the city,” says Chaindone. But every now and then there are areas where it is not possible to build. The idea was that these areas could be ecologically upgraded by the trees. In addition to the native forest, a meadow orchard is also conceivable, for example.

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On Thursday, the Greens and the SPD jointly submit their application to the Wandsbeck district assembly.